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We need tens of thousands of volunteers to help educate America on the Constitution and the principles of liberty. I am not asking for an arm or a leg. I am not asking you to shoulder a musket, I am simply asking you to educate yourself on the Constitution and the principles of liberty and invite three of your to do the same. Share this website with as many people as possible and with an army of patriots sufficiently large we can restore the principlesupon wich our nation was founded. You can study at your own pace whle in the privacy of your own home. The is curriculum is available 24-7 and students of all ages cab study at their own pace in the privacy of their own home.

Click on the image of Thomas Jfferson to access the website. 

It is impossible for a people to remain ignorant and free. We need millions of Americans who care enough to share this important curriculum. To join us in our effort to educate America on the please call Keith Broaders at (916) 222-3061.