What Happened to the Peace Officers?

The role of County Sheriff is to protect the rights of the people living in his or her county and to defend the Constitution.

When the Sheriff simply enforces the codes instead of upholding the law and defending the Constitution, they violate the Constitution that they have sworn to defend and uphold.

It is the job of the County Sheriff to protect and defend the life, liberty and property of his or her constituents by arresting those who would violate those rights.

The County Sheriff is elected by the people in the county to serve them, unlike the Police Officers who are employees of the incorporated cities operating within the county. The Policemen and women are revenue officers for the Cities and it is their job to enforce rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and statutes.

When a police officer or county sheriff does his or her job properly they are peace officers not law enforcement officers. When they defend our rights they promote the peace and serve us. When they simply enforce the codes, etc., they seek to control the behavior of the people,

Their job is to arrest criminals not to regulate our behavior and turn us into criminals.

Individually we have the freedom to do as we wish as long as we do not violate the lives, liberty or property of others. We are responsible to govern ourselves. When a bully wearing a badge steps in they often times turn small problem into a major catastrophe. If you want to solve a problem you need a peace officer not a law enforcement officer.

The job of the Law enforcement officers is not to prevent crimes by controlling people’s behavior, it is to punish those who do. Red light cameras, sobriety check points and seat belt laws are prime examples of how our so called public servants violate the Constitution in order to protect us.