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Muppets, Puppets and Stooges

In 1776 the majority of the colonists were opposed to taking on the greatest military power on earth. Agents of the King tried to convince the Colonists that there was no possibility that they could defeat King George. A courageous minority refused to continue to live in bondage. They decided that life without liberty was not worth living.

Today, we have become the subjects of tyranny and once again it is the time for us to vote for our own dictators.

Voting for a Democrat or a Republican is like voting for a Muppet or a Puppet. No matter who you choose, you lose. The candidate represent the political parties and take their marching orders from the Wall Street bankers and Corporations.

Voting for mainstream candidates is like choosing between Al Capone and John Dillinger. Voting for the lesser of to evils just doesn’t work. Choosing between the Republicans and Democrats is like choosing between emphysema or lung cancer.