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The Constitution is a Toothless Tiger

When a law is not enforced it ceases to be a law. The Constitution, once the supreme law of the land had become nothing more than a suggestion. In order for our government to function properly we need to enforce the Constitution and must hold our government officials accountable. The ruling class needs to know that the failure to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution will result in criminal charges being filed.

The principles upon which our nation was founded are not being taught in the school. We as parents and grandparents have a duty to teach our children and grandchildren about the Constitution and the principles of liberty.In order to resurrect our Constitution we must demand that our governmental servants only exercise those powers which have been delegated to them in Article 1 Section 8 Any power or authority not specifically granted to Congress is Prohibited!

The Constitution is the rule book the government is expected to follow and “We the People” are the ones to decide what is and what is not Constitutional. If we fail to enforce the Constitution, those who are supposed to serve us will become our masters.

Parents have rules that they expect their children to obey. If they fail to enforce the rules, the children will have no reason to follow them. A Congressman who is rewarded by the Wall Street Bankers and lobbyists for violating the Constitution has no incentive to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution; giving Congressmen the authority to spend our money on things we don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford.